Denied Detroit Homeowners Insurance

Denied Detroit homeowners insurance

In Michigan under the essential insurance act you cannot be denied Detroit homeowners insurance coverage solely because of the age of your house, its location or the type of neighborhood you live in. However you can be considered ineligible and denied coverage for these reasons:

Taxes on your property are over . . . → Read More: Denied Detroit Homeowners Insurance

Detroit Renters Insurance

Why you need Detroit renters insurance

You will need renters insurance if you live in a house, townhouse, rent a condo, studio loft or an apartment.

People have been under the misconception that if they are in an apartment they do not need renters insurance because it will be provided by the landlord. This is not true. The . . . → Read More: Detroit Renters Insurance

Detroit Rental Dwelling Insurance

Detroit Rental dwelling insurance can minimize the owner’s risk

For most people, rental dwelling ownership means a big investment with special risks. Buying a rental dwelling is a big undertaking and as an owner you need to make sure that you are adequately protecting your investment. You’ll want to make sure you have coverage . . . → Read More: Detroit Rental Dwelling Insurance