Detroit potholesDetroit Potholes can be costly

Winter brings a number of driving hazards, but one of the most hated is the pothole. An encounter with one can leave damaged tires, wheels and suspension components in its wake.

Potholes can occur in any region or climate, but at this time of year, they’re especially prominent in areas known for ice, snow and below-freezing temperatures. The freezing and thawing cycles allow moisture to seep into the road surface which causes the road to crumble.

Detroit Potholes prevention

There’s not much that can be done to prevent the deterioration of the driving surface, but there are some things you can do to protect yourself:

  • Try to limit your travel to roads you know very well. That knowledge could keep you from hitting a pothole and seriously damaging your car.
  • When driving at night, try to drive on well-lit roads so you can see the road surface.
  • Slow down and give yourself a chance to see the pothole and avoid it.
  • If you hit a pothole, carefully inspect your tires and wheels for possible damage. Note how your car handles in the aftermath. If it pulls to one side or if you feel a wobble in the steering, you may need to have your car checked by a mechanic.
  • If you must hit a pothole, do your braking before impact. There’s less damage when a tire is rolling than when it is skidding over a hole during braking.

While damage caused to a car by a pothole may be covered under the collision portion of your Michigan auto insurance policy, there are some things to remember. If the damage is to the tire only, it might not be covered. Damage to the vehicle is subject to the collision deductible.

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