Detroit auto accidentDetroit Auto Accident

What to do if you have an auto accident and the steps that you need to take to ensure your safety.

Steps to take after Detroit auto accident

First step check to make sure that you are not injured if you are call 911 to request an ambulance.

Second step turn on your hazard lights or if it is safe to do so and you have them you can put out warning triangles or safety flares.

Third step move out of traffic if the accident is minor and there aren’t any injuries, you should move your auto to an area that is out of the flow of traffic, but close to the scene.

Fourth step call the police if the police does not show up make sure that you exchange information with the other party.

Auto information that you will need to give to your agent

What you should get is name, address and phone number of the other driver if the driver is not the owner make sure you get the owners information and the relationship to the driver.  You will also need the year, make and model of the car the license plate number and the driver’s license of the driver, insurance carrier and policy number.

Write down notes of what happen.  Usually an accident is a traumatic event and things happen so quickly that you should take some time to write down what happen, including the damage and position of both cars.

Use your phone if you have one to take pictures of the scene and the damage to both cars.  Make sure that you are out of traffic while taking the pictures.  You don’t want to be hit while documenting what happen.

Finally you will need to call your agent to report the loss and call a tow service or have your agent do this for you if your car is not drivable.  If you need an agent or your agent does not provide this service visit agent  Local Detroit agent or call 248-888-1134 to talk to a represenative who can give you an affordable rate on your auto insurance and provide this service for you.